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Annable was born in Suffern, New York. He grew up in Walden, a village in New York,where he played baseball, rugby and hockey.His father is Christian and his mother is of his mother is of Jewish descent, and he was "raised both". 安納布爾出生於紐約薩芬。他在紐約的一個村莊瓦爾登長大,在那裡他打棒球、橄欖球和曲棍球。他的父親是基督徒,他的母親是猶太血統,他是“兩者都長大的”

In 2002, Annable made his acting debut in an episode of the NBC crime drama Third Watch.[4] Annable has appeared in numerous commercials for brands such as Mountain Dew, Starburst and Abercrombie and Fitch. 2002 年,安納布爾在 NBC 犯罪劇第三次觀看的一集中首次。 [4] Annable 出現在眾多品牌的廣告中,例如激浪、星爆、Abercrombie 和 Fitch

ln 2004, Annable appeared in the films Little Black Book 2004 年,Annable 出現在電影小黑書和 Spellbound 中。

In September 2005, Annable began appearing as Aaron Lewis on the Fox drama series Reunion, which centers on six friends who attend their 20th high schoolreunion, where one of them is murdered and all of them are suspects. 2005 年 9 月,安納布爾開始在福克斯連續劇《重逢》中飾演亞倫·劉易斯,該劇講述了六個朋友參加了他們的第 20 次高中聚會,其中一個被謀殺,所有人都是嫌疑人。

In December, Fox cancelled the series due to low ratings shortly after the ninth episode aired.[8] The WB reportedly showed interest in picking up the series on their network, but these plans never materialized.[9] 去年 12 月,福克斯在第九集播出後不久因收視率低而取消了該系列。 [8]據報導,世界銀行對在他們的網絡上播放該系列節目表現出興趣,但這些計劃從未實現。 [9]

In 2006, Annable was cast as Justin Walker on the ABC drama series Brothers & Sisters alongside Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths, and Sally Field, which was picked up for a full

season by the network. 2006 年,安納布爾與卡莉斯塔·弗洛克哈特、瑞秋·格里菲斯和莎莉·菲爾德一起出演了 ABC 連續劇《兄弟姐妹》中的賈斯汀·沃克一角,該劇被網絡選中了整整一季。

In 2007, Annable was rankedas #7 on People magazine's annual list of Sexiest Men Alive.[12] In 2008, Annable won a Prism Award for Best Performance in a Drama Series Multi-Episode Storyline for his portrayal on Brothers & Sisters.[13] The series ran for five seasons until 2011. 2006 年,安納布爾與卡莉斯塔·弗洛克哈特、瑞秋·格里菲斯和莎莉·菲爾德一起在ABC 連續劇《兄弟姐妹》中飾演賈斯汀·沃克,該劇被網絡收錄了整整一季。[10][11] 2007 年,安納布爾在《人物》雜誌年度最性感男人名單中名列第 7。[12] 2008 年,安納布爾因其在《兄弟姐妹》中的描繪而獲得了棱鏡獎的劇情類多集故事線最佳表演獎。[13]該系列賽持續了五個賽季,直到 2011 年。